e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress

Italian National Institute of Statistics - Istat

The Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) is a public research organisation. Founded in 1926, it is the main producer of official statistics both for citizens and policy-makers. The role of Istat is to produce and disseminate reliable, impartial, transparent, accessible and relevant information that describes the social, economic and environmental conditions of the Country and its changes, in strict compliance with legal provisions on confidentiality. Istat provides data and releases information to EU statistical authorities and international organizations. Istat's international activity is constantly growing. The Institute has led several European Commission FP projects and Eurostat ESSnet projects. Moreover, it is fully involved in building up the European Statistical System (EC regulation 223/09) following fundamental principles of official statistics. The Italian Statistics Code of Practice has been issued in 2010.

Istat is playing a leading role, at a national and international level, in fostering the debate on the development of a set of indicators of progress and wellbeing. It has taken part to various initiatives finalised to promote and encourage research in the field of quality-of-life studies and indicators.


At a national level, from a joint initiative of Istat and Cnel (National Council of Economy and Labour), a project to measure a sustainable and fair wellbeing has been launched within the international debate on “beyond GDP” (BES Project, http://www.misuredelbenessere.it/ ). It is mainly based on the belief that economic parameters are not sufficient to measure the progress of a society, if not linked to social and environmental ones, together with inequality and sustainability measures. The scientific commission of the Project gathers some of the major national and international experts on the matter.


At a European level, the Institute has been actively involved in the Sponsorship Group on “Measuring progress, wellbeing and sustainable development”, within the European Statistical System.

Being an active participant in EU FP projects, numerous international and European research and technical cooperation projects, Istat ensures a smooth coordination of a 19-partner Consortium, given its long-lasting experience gained in the field.


Besides the role of Project Coordinator of the Consortium, Istat is a Partner which is in charge of delivering some e-Frame deliverables. In order to carry out the activities as a partner, Istat has set up a Technical and Scientific Committee.


The Committee, coordinated by Ms Donatella Fazio, is aimed at:

-preparating and delivering the outputs of the project in charge of Istat;

-coordinating e-Frame activities with other activities related to the topics of the project held by other subjects in Istat;

-disseminating project activities and results in Istat. 


The Committee meetings are attended by Ms Marina Signore, the Project Coordinator, and by Ms Linda Laura SabbadiniDirector of Social and Environmental Statistics Department.

















Ms Valeria Prigiobbe

IT Technical Officer

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Ms Alessandra Righi

Senior Researcher

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Ms Roberta Roncati

Senior Researcher

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Ms Tamara Zangla

Administrative secretariat

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e-Frame Project Coordinator

Ms Marina Signore

Head of Division "Metadata, Quality and R&D Projects"

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e-Frame Project Manager

Ms Donatella Fazio

Istat Technical and Scientific Committee Coordinator

Head of Unit "European R&D Projects"

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  Istat Technical and Scientific Committee


Ms Maria Grazia Calza

Senior researcher 

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Ms Arianna Carciotto

Technical Officer

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Mr Tommaso Rondinella


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Mr Adolfo Morrone

Senior Researcher

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