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Statistics Netherlands - CBS

Statistics Netherlands is the national statistical institute of the Netherlands. Its mission is:

to be the independent provider in the field of high quality, coherent, public statistical information over - in principle - all sectors of Dutch society

Statistics Netherlands is a government institution. It was established by Royal Decree in 1899. Statistics Netherlands is a modern organisation committed to a user-friendly approach towards respondents and users alike. As of 2004 Statistics Netherlands operates under a new Law, giving it executive agency status, free access to administrative data for statistical purposes, and a firm embedding in the European Statistical System.

Statistics Netherlands has extensive national and international responsibilities in the field of measuring progress and sustainable development. Since 2009 Statistics Netherlands has published a Sustainability Monitor for the Netherlands. The monitor is widely used an cited in Dutch society and a website will be launched in April 2011. 


Statistics Netherlands chairs the UNECE/OECD/Eurostat Task Force for Measuring Sustainable Development (TFSD) which aims to harmonize the measurement of sustainable development. In the international setting Statistics Netherlands is very active in the Sponsorship Group on “Measuring progress, wellbeing and sustainable development”. 


Statistics Netherlands is at the forefront of the development of many statistics that are important in this field: environmental accounting, human capital, intangible capital, social capital, wellbeing, national accounts to name but a few.

Project Team


Mr Jan Pieter Smits

Main scientific and administrative contact

Senior Statistical Researcher

Tel: +31 070 3375383


Mr Rutger Hoekstra

Tel: +31 070 3374480