e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress


e-Frame is structured in 12 Work Packages (WP) covering four main areas of work:

  1. Stocktaking aimed at compiling and documenting current knowledge on well-being, progress and sustainable development, with a few in-depth analysis of key issues;

  3. Work on Tools aimed at investigating and developing supporting instruments for processes of progress measurement;
  5. Networking (cross-cutting all the WPs) aimed at developing and enhancing ties among relevant stakeholders from various sectors, namely through web platforms, workshops and large conferences.
  7. Communication and Dissemination through international discussions at workshops, conferences, and  widespread release of project findings, results, guidelines and recommendations. 

The work plan of the project aims at maximizing the opportunities for gathering contributions from all relevant European stakeholders interested in the measurement of progress around a core group of National Statistical Institutes. Stocktaking activities, organization of international events and provision of a web 2.0 support for constant interaction will form the “European framework for measuring progress”.

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