e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress


The scientific and technical coordination of the Project is jointly managed by Istat and Statistics Netherlands. Given the strong Consortium, necessary to achieve the Project objectives and the wide coordination activity, the joint collaboration of Istat and Statistics Netherlands in the overall Coordination of the Project has been decided. In any case, Istat formally acts as the sole Coordinator towards the European Commission on behalf of the Parties.


The Coordinator has the following responsibilities:

  • to manage the Project
  • to act as a liaison between the Parties and the Commission concerning the Project
  • to coordinate all decisions involving budgetary changes or changes in the work to be undertaken by the Party after consultation with all the other Parties
  • to collect information from the Parties, to enable submission of all management and progress reports and cost statements to be submitted to the Commission on time
  • to administer Project finances
  • to ensure the scientific and/or technical quality of the work


As co-chairs of the Consortium, Istat and Statistics Netherlands are responsible for:

  • overall coordination of the project
  • promoting synergies among the different work packages
  • ensuring that the contributions by the work packages are aligned to the Project objectives

co-chair Leading Committee

Mr Jan Pieter Smits

Senior Statistical Researcher

Tel: +31 070 3375383


co-chair Consortium Management Board

Mr Rutger Hoekstra

Tel: +31 070 3374480





Ms Maria Francesca D'Ambrogio

Administrative secretariat 

Tel: +39 06 4673 2357


Ms Tamara Zangla

Administrative secretariat 

Tel: +39 06 4673 3382 



e-Frame Project Coordinator

co-chair Leading Committee

Ms Marina Signore

Head of Division "Metadata, Quality and R&D Projects"

Tel: +39 06 4673 3359  


e-Frame Project Manager 

co-chair Consortium Management Board

Ms Donatella Fazio

Head of Unit "European R&D Projects"

Tel: +39 06 4673 3358 



   Istat e-Frame Coordination Team


Ms Maria Grazia Calza

Senior researcher 

Tel: +39 06 4673 3312 


Ms Arianna Carciotto

Technical officer

Tel: +39 06 4673 2219  



Italian National Institute of Statistics 

Unit "European R&D Projects" (SQC/C)  

Via Agostino Depretis, 77 - 00184

Rome - Italy