e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress


Two conferences, initial and final, are  scheduled with the aim to represent opportunities for wider meetings of the European network in the field of thematic related to the project. Substantive inputs, outputs and communication materials will be produced to enhance both the coherency and direction of the whole project and the relevance of these events for high level exchanges among key stakeholders.


The Initial Conference that will be held in Paris in July 2012, organised by the OECD, will constitute a key European contribution to the OECD global process of regional Conferences on Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies. This conference is intended to be the launch pad for defining a European dimension on the topic and reaching a common position in preparation of the 4th OECD World Forum planned for Autumn 2012.


The Final Conference, targeted at statisticians, policy makers, journalists, academics and representatives from business and civil society, has been planned with the aim to present the most recent developments and implemented findings, and spread and discuss major project milestones: 1. Stocktaking Report of  Measuring Progress and Sustainable Development; 2. Report on the Survey on NSI Practices of Measuring Well-being; 3. Handbook for Measuring Progress; 4. Roadmap for Future Research.


Nine thematic workshops are planned in the e-Frame work plan, besides the conferences,  in order to stimulate the debate between members of the project and other target groups on such issues that represent interrelated parts of the complex debate on beyond GDP.