e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

e-Frame at the 4th OECD World Forum

e-Frame project will be promoted at the Exhibition Area of the 4th World Forum. At the stall a presentation of the project will be set up focusing on its main objectives, tools and outputs. Presentations of the Consortium and of the Governance Boards of the project will be given as well. Material on the pillars of the project will be distributed to the visitors together with all the relevant information and indications in order to establish connections with the project activities and to encourage the participation to the debate raised by e-Frame. 

Material on national initiatives on beyond GDP carried on by some partners  will be distributed as well. 


e-FrameNet, the e-Frame European Network on Measuring Progess hosted by Wikiprogress, will be illustrated at the Lunchtime Seminar on "Wikiprogress Networks - Regional Participation to a Global Movement" asking to join it.

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