e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

“A roadmap for future research needs” - First Tentative

Within the Work Package 11 “Moving Forward” of the e-Frame project, the first release of the deliverable “Roadmap for future research needs” has been finalized.  


Its aim is to address research areas that need further developments and investments at a European level in the measurement and use of indicators of well-being, societal progress and sustainability. The roadmap is intended to be a dynamic tool to be periodically reviewed and disseminated.


The document constitutes the first tentative roadmap based on the e-Frame activities and findings achieved in the first year of the project (January-December 2012). The research needs have been identified with a view to the Europe 2020 goals in the light of Horizon 2020 objectives.


For further details you can read the full text below.