e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress

WP1 Project Management

Leader:Istat, co-chair CBS
Starting time:January 2012
Objectives:Overall administrative coordination and management activities in strong cooperation with the Consortium Boards. To achieve project results of high quality within the framework of costs and time through:
• establishment of the necessary management structure, organisation and decision rules for an effective project controlling
• execution of the overall coordination trough an appropriate project progress monitoring
• establishment of the appropriate communication flow within the Consortium and towards the European Commission
• execution of local project management.
Description of work:The scientific and technical coordination of the project will be jointly managed by Istat and CBS. Actually, the wide coordination activity required by the call and the necessity to strengthen the NSI’s role on beyond GDP debate, make it desirable to join forces by Istat and CBS to set up a strong Consortium in order to achieve the project objectives. Within the Consortium Istat and CBS will be responsible for the overall coordination of the project and thus will co-chair the two envisaged governance boards (Leading Committee and Consortium Management Board) plus the Advisory Board. Towards the European Commission, Istat will play the role of Project Coordinator signing the Grant Agreement with the Commission. The overall structure of the Project Management is based on the following boards:
  • Leading Committee (LC) - is chaired by Istat and CBS and it is formed by WPs leaders plus the partners in charge of the organization of the conferences. It’s responsible for the scientific and technical coordination of the project and ensures that the project objectives are fulfilled by providing guidelines and directives.
  • Consortium Management Board (CMB) - is chaired by Istat and CBS and consists of all partners (WPs leaders and Tasks leaders). The CMB is the general assembly of the project which takes decisions on administrative and financial matters which transcend the individual work packages and partners. It takes decisions on the opportunity of amending the work plan.
  • Advisory Board (AB) - it is a high level body providing advice and guidance for the development of the project to ensure high quality and excellence. It is composed of independent outstanding and worldwide known experts. The AB is chaired by Istat in the person of Mr Enrico Giovannini, Istat President, and by CBS in the person of Mr Gosse van der Veen, CBS Director General.

Task 1: Overall Coordination
The project coordinator will be responsible for the technical coordination of the project. Istat performs the coordination of deliverables in strong collaboration with WP and Task leaders. The work planning will be updated if required in order to fulfil project objectives. The project coordinator performs all the monitoring tasks and technical progress of work. All partners are responsible for the technical management of their own work, and will contribute to the reports/deliverables.

Task 2: Administrative and Financial Coordination
The project coordinator performs the financial and administrative management. Management and coordination of project financial aspects will include: distribution of funding received according to the contract, preparation and coordination of cost statements, whereby all partners will manage their own financial affairs of the project.

Task 3: Monitoring and Reporting
The local project management will be carried out by all partners, WP leaders and Task leaders. The Work Package leaders and Task leaders are responsible for ensuring quality. Elaborated results will be reviewed and, if required, corrective actions will be proposed to LC, CMB and AB to better coordinate activities and to ensure the harmonisation of approaches. All partner will contribute to the reports/deliverables.
    D1.1: Interim activity report (March 2013)
    D1.2: Final activity report (June 2014)