e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress

WP11 Moving forward

Starting time:June 2012
Objectives: The work package is intended to draw the conclusions emerging from all project activities paving the way forward for the measurement of progress in Europe and the use of related indicators.
Major objectives of the WP are:
• a collection and elaboration of relevant recommendations on the use of progress indicators organized for area of intervention and addressed to different stakeholders ad different territorial levels and
• the definition of a roadmap for future research which will be particularly focused on next DG Research 8th Framework Program and on National Statistical Institutes needs and ESSnet projects.
Description of work:Task 1: Guidelines for the use of indicators (Istat)
Task 1 will define guidelines for the use of existing indicators for the measurement of wellbeing and progress, including pros and cons of most relevant measures and methodologies (according also to their quality), the choice among different frameworks and tassonomies, implementation of stakeholder consultation, role and activities of NSIs, communication and ICT tools, and policy and operational proposals for the use of progress indicators. An in-depth analysis will be dedicated to Europe 2020 indicators. The work will take stock of the results emerged from all other WPs accounting for the criticalities risen during workshops and conferences. Interviews to relevant actors may in case support the analysis. Significant inputs and suggestions are foreseen from the Advisory Board which will be consulted on critical issues and which will express its comments on the final report. Final output of the task will be the publication of an ”Handbook for measuring progress”.

Task 2: Roadmap for future research (Istat)
The second task will move in parallel with the previous one but with the specific focus of looking for existing gaps in current knowledge and research activities. By following all project activities, the work will identify which tools are still needed for an effective measurement of progress and which issues still need to be better clarified and investigated. The output of the task will be the production of a report suggesting a roadmap for future research in the context of the 8th Framework Programme and for future ESSnet projects according to NSIs needs. Concerning the necessity to give indications on the future research needs during the life cycle of the project, dynamic road maps will be released. A first tentative road map can be released after the Initial Conference (M6) while a second tentative one can be released in correspondence of the mid-term report of the project (M15).
    D11.1: Handbook for measuring progress (June 2014)
    D11.2: Roadmap for future research (June 2014)