e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress

Office for National Statistics - ONS

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the national statistical organisation of the UK.


The ONS is currently engaging with a wide range of stakeholders in order to help us develop appropriate measures of well-being. The National Statistician has set up an advisory forum consisting of a range of experts including academics, business leaders, policy makers, and health experts in order to provide advice on measuring well-being. In addition, the ONS is consulting with the UK public though hosting a 'national debate' into measuring well-being. As part of this we are coordinating a network of face to face debates for members of the public throughout the UK, alongside using social media such as inviting people to comment on the ONS website, and on the social networking site twitter. This engagement will run from November to mid April 2011.


As a result we will have gained valuable experience and skills in terms of relating stakeholders to decision processes, including analysing and reporting on the results. We therefore feel we would be well placed to lead on this work package, collecting and analysing the various consultations that have taken place across Europe and producing guidelines regarding developing methodology for engaging with stakeholders. ONS propose to consult with key stakeholders, the results of which will feed into a set of guidelines and methodologies for stakeholder inclusion at the EU level. It will also include reporting on the impact on citizens, relevant stakeholders and policy makers that have emerged from the Council of Europe’s methodological guide 'Concerted development of social cohesion indicators'. We would endeavour to put together a virtual community from NSI's and other organisations with the aim of sharing best practice.


The action of a coherent and enhanced way of delivering statistical information will constitute this Work Package referring to a richer way of making available statistical information. Actually, the shift toward a multidimensional vision of the progress of our societies imposes the need to develop innovative tools able to spread and communicate the complexity of the approach. Recent developments in the use of web and ICT services may significantly help in this challenge. This WP is thought to collect most of the experiences born in recent years to deliver the large amount of available statistical information to an increasing number of users and stakeholders. Stocktaking in this sector is focused on the one hand on the organization of easily accessible platforms for the collection of multidimensional information, such as OECD.Stats, World Bank open data policy or WikiProgress; on the other hand it is focused on ICT tool for data visualization such as Gapminder's Trenzalyzer, OECD.eXplorer, University of Sheffield's Worldmapper, UNEP geodata, etc. The WP will provide guidelines for NSI's use of these innovative tools to support data delivering and to help in transforming statistics information into knowledge.


This work is largely formed of two discrete 'stocktaking exercises', the first co-ordinated by ONS, the other by OECD. They will deliver outputs based on reviews of member practices in the 2 areas to date, assessment of available ICT tools and documentation of emerging standards for data visualisation from a methodological perspective. At least one workshop required for contributing members to offer NSI experiences and discuss suitability of available tools (Gapminder, OECD eXplorer etc) as well as potential/opportunities for new ones.

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