e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress

Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques - INSEE

INSEE is the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies. It is a Directorate General of the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry, and Employment. It employs 5,840 people at facilities across the country.


INSEE will lead WP 10 -NSI's & activities on beyond GDP The aim of this work package is to contribute to enhance harmonization of NSI’s practices on “Beyond GDP”. Indeed, since the Stiglitz reports, finding a consistent way of measuring well-being has been an important challenge for NSI’s and it is obvious that the processes and solutions which have been found by each country are different from one NSI to the other. This work package will be conducted by Insee, which has been deeply involved in the Stiglitz Commission’s work and its implementation both at a national and international level, especially in the Eurostat Sponsorship on measuring well-being, and OECD expert group.


T10.1: Inventory of existing NSIs practices on measurement of well-being

The first task will consist in setting up an inventory of existing practices among NSIs regarding the measurement of progress and sustainable development (the methods and indicators that are used, which tools are being used to disseminate all available and consistent information). This inventory will be performed through a survey sent to all NSIs within the European Statistical System (ESS). The task will consist in producing the questionnaire survey, testing it with some NSIs, sending it to various NSIs and finally collecting their answer. Meetings or multimedia communication will be necessary to improve the questionnaire response. This task force will need to rely on the EU network set up by WP12.


T10.2: A report and analysis for building a consistent and alternative system

The overall purpose of this task is to compare the various outputs of NSIs on this theme, to highlight differences in order to make proposals for harmonization. The stock taking of existing practices collected by the survey will identify different statistical processes for measuring well being and sustainable development. Some will be based on surveys, other on administrative data, depending on the sources available nationally. Statistical inquiries could be separate ones, or joint inquiries with other issues – for instance on time use issues, etc… The consistency of the data collection system will be analysed as well, with its consequences on cost for NSIs and burden for respondents.

A meeting with NSIs will be organized to discuss the results of this survey and more generally their difficulties to implement the different recommendations (theoretical recommendations, Sponsorship recommendations) on measuring progress and sustainable development.

A typology of statistical systems for the measurement of progress, well-being and sustainability will be derived from this inventory. A ready to use indicators (low hanging fruits) will be identified in order to publish a report on quality of life within the ESS. The NSIs production will be put in perspective with the theoretical recommendations on this subject (WP2, T1). Proposals how this catalogue can be improved, in terms of methodology, coverage, comparability, relevance, will be made.


T10.3: Specific challenges in statistical measurement

The final task in this work-package will be the production of a report identifying the specific challenges faced when measuring well-being in a statistical data collection and estimation process, and the solutions implemented at different levels within the ESS in order to overcome these difficulties and produce comprehensive data on the measurement of well-being. The outcome of every production of this work package will be presented at the Conferences which are proposed by WP12 (Dissemination) or through any other relevant action envisaged within the different work-packages.

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