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Romanian Academy National Institute for Economic Research - CFMR

The Centre for Financial and Monetary Research „Victor Slavescu” (CFMR) is an academical research organization within the National Institute of Economic Research „Costin C. Kiritescu” of the Romanian Academy. CFMR was created as legal person on 1990. The main CFMR’s goal is to identify and assess the fundamental issues in the fiscal/financial and monetary fields and to design and evaluate the fundamental parameters of the fiscal-budgetary and monetary policies. The CFMR’s activity outcomes are supporting Romanian Government, Romanian Central Bank, Ministry of Public Finance and other public institutions and authorities in their political decisional process.

CFRM has developed market studies and research projects, many of them directly connected to the subject of macroeconomic indicators or models (e.g.: Modelling of the sustainable budgetary revenues – 2005, Model of financial programming for Romania – 2006, Structural convergence of Romania with the EU Members states – 2007, Automatic fiscal stabilizers – 2008, Structural invariants in the economic process – 2009, Conservation phenomenon in economy – 2010, Assessing the European budgetary process – 2010).


CFMR will be the Work Package Leader of WP3 leading the main activity of:

(I) building up a new architecture of the national accounts in the light of the “beyond GDP” requirements; identifying new national accounts (as main or satellite accounts) which could express the qualitative significations of the quantitative outcomes of the macroeconomic activity.

Mainly oriented towards:

(II) identifying and assessing of the logical and methodological sufficient attributes of the new macroeconomic indicators aimed at to signify the life quality of the economic activity outcomes;

(III) disseminating of the intermediate and final results of the WPs, and collecting useful feed-backs; CFMR will be associated to WP2/ (T1 and T4), WP6 (T1), WP10 (T3) and WP11 (T1).

CFMR has a sound experience and remarkable scientific results on the macroeconomic modelling, economic phenomena quantifying and analytical designing and assessments of new concepts, methodologies and tools.



Ms Elena Padurean

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Mr Cornel Ionescu

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Project Team


Mr Ene Dinga

Main scientific contact

Senior Researcher

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Ms Camelia Baltaretu

Main administrative contact

Fiscal-budgetary Department

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