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Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei - FEEM

FEEM is a non-profit, non-partisan research institution established in 1989 to carry out research in the field of economics and sustainable development. It is a leading international research centre conducting research on a wide range of economic, environmental and energy issues and deals with these issues always exploring inter-linkages and interactions between different socio-economic and environmental systems worldwide, with the twofold goal of providing a contribution to science and policy, while informing the public debate. FEEM covers a considerable number of key topics for research, and in particular on climate change, natural resource management, sustainable energy and environmental valuation. FEEM is active in the domains of the economics of biodiversity and ecosystem services and forestry, land use and land-cover change. FEEM has a sound and proven experience in coordinating European projects and scientific networks and it has become the privileged interlocutor of a number of policy institutions, among which the IPCC, the World Bank, the European Commission, the Italian Ministries, Regions and local municipalities. Finally FEEM has a large experience in the dissemination of theoretical and applied research. In the last 20-year period FEEM has organised over 350 seminars and workshops, and 18 large-scale conferences. Working papers, policy briefs, journals and books are also evidence of FEEM’s research effort.


FEEM leads WP4 concerning Environmental indicators. FEEM has a sound and proven experience in coordinating European projects and scientific networks and in organising successful events. Moreover, it has participated in several international projects and networks on topics related to Beyond GDP. The relevant EU research projects include, (1) EXIOPOL – A New Environmental Accounting Framework Using Externality Data and Input-Output Tools for Policy Analysis. European Commission; (2) LIAISE - Linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise; (3) PASHMINA - PAradigm SHifts Modelling and INnovative Approaches; (4) Global- IQ - Impacts Quantification of global changes; (5) TRANSUSTNET - Modelling the Transition to Sustainable Economic Structures Network; (6) INSURE - Flexible Framework for Indicators for Sustainability in Regions using Systems Dynamics Modelling. FEEM has developed the innovative FEEM Sustainability Index (http://www.feemsi.org/): FEEM SI is the first aggregate index able to provide future projections of sustainability of countries, allowing for comparisons across countries and through time. Built from a selection of over-arching indicators chosen among the most well-known and reliable international datasets, the FEEM SI manages to condense in a unique way the information included in the three pillars of sustainability, using a novel aggregation methodology that exploits all the interactions across indicators. Thanks to its foundation in a computable general equilibrium model (ICES model), it allows projecting sustainability indicators/index in the future and predicting ex-ante policy impacts.



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