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GESIS - Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften

GESIS is the largest social science infrastructure institution in Germany. Established in 1986 as German Social Science Infrastructure Services, GESIS formerly consisted of three independent institutes, which merged into one institute in 2007. Currently GESIS is a partner in various international research networks and data collection programs (e.g. ISSP, ESS, EVS) and covers five scientific departments doing methodological as well as substantial research and providing a wide range of research based services:

·   Survey Design & Methodology

·   Monitoring Society and Social Change

·   Data Archive for the Social Sciences

·   Specialized Information for the Social Sciences

·   Knowledge Technologies for the Social Sciences


GESIS’ ‘Social Indicators Research Centre’ (ZSi) is part of the department ‘Monitoring Society and Social Change’ and focuses on the measurement of individual and societal well-being in terms of social monitoring and reporting as well as empirical quality of life research, including research on subjective well-being. The ZSi maintains a German as well as European System of Social Indicators (www.gesis.org/SIMon), it has been involved in various national and crossnational social monitoring and reporting activities, and has extensive academic and research experience in the various fields of measuring well-being ‘beyond GDP’. GESIS as well as its ‘Social Indicators Research Centre’ have previously been involved in European FP – projects and networks not only as participants, but also as coordinators.


GESIS will be the partner in charge of WP5 “Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe”. This WP aims to (1) take stock of major existing social monitoring and reporting activities in Europe, (2) to develop strategies and activities to better coordinate and interlink these activities and to (3) develop an EUReporting/ Web-Platform allowing to present continuously uptodate social monitoring and reporting information as well as research results on individual and societal wellbeing in Europe and EU – Members States.

Project Team


Mr Heinz-Herbert Noll

Main scientific contact

Head of Unit

Tel: +49 (0) 621 1246 241


Ms Florence Görg

Main administrative contact

Manager Third Party Funds

Tel:+49 (0) 621 1246 290