e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress

New Economics Foundation - NEF

NEF is an award winning independent think-and-do tank founded in 1986 and based in London that strives for economic solutions that enhance human well-being in ways that are socially just and environmentally sustainable. NEF conducts a broad range of activities, including research, advocacy and campaigning, coalition-building, consultancy, and direct work ‘on-the-ground’ with local communities. In particular:

- Development of the Happy Planet Index indicator, which has attracted huge interest worldwide from the media policy makers, business and NGOs.  

- Provided content expertise for Eurostat’s Feasibility Study for a Well-being Indicator, and is joint leading the follow-up study commissioned by Eurostat starting 2011.

- Involved in development of well-being measures for a number of EU and European surveys.

- Creator of the National Accounts of Well-Being programme which has developed a well-being measurement framework and undertakes engagement with policy makers.

- Produces the Regional Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (R-ISEW).


NEF’s centre for well-being will lead this work, with support from the climate change and energy team.

The tasks in the project will be to lead task 3 of WP2 (Stocktaking and workshop on measures of subjective well-being).

The special relevant skills are:

-  Alternative indicator development and use

-  Subjective indicators – questionnaire design and analysis

-  Stakeholder engagement techniques.    

Project Team


Mr Saamah Abdallah

Main scientific contact

Tel: +44 20 7820 6360


Ms Nicola Steuer

Main administrative contact

Director of Programmes

Tel: +44 20 7820 6390