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The Young Foundation, a UK registered charity (no. 274345) and company limited by guarantee (no. 1319183), is a pioneer in the field of social innovation. We conduct our work through research, practical projects, coordination of global networks, and the creation and incubation of new organizations. In addition to monitoring societal progress and wellbeing at a national level it will be important to take stock of the tools available to measure how local communities are doing and to make recommendations for further development. We propose to build on our work to date and develop and pilot new tools for municipalities, cities and regions. The Young Foundation has developed a Wellbeing and Resilience Model (Mguni, N and Bacon, N, Taking the temperature of local communities: the wellbeing and resilience measure (WARM), Young Foundation: 2010. WARM allows local agencies to take the temperature of their communities, from levels of anxiety to how much people talk to their neighbours. The aim is to build on local assets as well as tackle vulnerabilities.


The main tasks for our area of work are across three stages:


Stage one: Developing a framework of social progress building on the WARM framework and create a virtual working group to support the project.


Stage two: Case studies in two European cities - Barcelona and Malmo. The two areas will provide detailed case studies about how the WARM framework can be adapted in different contexts. In each citywe will:

- Contact relevant local agencies to support identification of indicators;

- Map indicators to the framework;

- Identify gaps and research needs; and

- Assess methodological and conceptual challenges.

The case studies will be complimented with survey of existing indicators used across Europe.


Stage three: workshop to exchange and disseminate the new framework indicators. This will build on our partners, the University of Pisa’s, European network to discuss small area estimates. The Young Foundation has been closely involved in the various attempts to measure wellbeing and societal progress in the UK, and linking these to decision making by national and local governments, as well as assessment of individual projects and programmes. We have been commissioned to write a report on measuring societal progress by the OECD (Mulgan, G, Bacon, N, Brophy, M, Wilson, R and Gavelin, K, ‘Measuring social progress: why and what next?’, Young Foundation and Involve-2010), a paper on the importance of common metrics for advancing social science by the National Research Council in Washington D.C, and others by the WHO.

Ms Nina Mguni

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Ms Lucia Caistor-Arendar

Main administrative contact

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