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University of Groningen - RUG

The University of Groningen is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It has a high reputation for academic teaching and research, and a large international network. It employs 6,000 people and has an annual budget of EUR 445 M. The Faculty of Economics and Business is internationally known for its complete and balanced educational program in Economics and Business. Its research programs are combined in top institutes, where knowledge and functional areas are being used in finding answers for social and organizational questions. The Faculty has a strong binding with technology, innovation and entrepreneurship through various centres for research and education.


RUG will lead on work package 6. The RUG coordinated the FP 6 EUKLEMS project - No. 502049 (SCS8). This project used a comparative industry approach to study productivity in the European Union, compared to Japan and the US. It also leads the FP7 project WIOD: World Input Output Database in which international input-output tables are combined with socio-economic and environmental accounts to study the dependencies between processes of international trade, economic growth, inequality and environmental pressures. RUG also plays a prominent role in the FP7 project INDICSER (Indicators for evaluating international performance in service sectors).


Project Team


Mr Marcel P. Timmer 

Main scientific contact

Director of the Groningen Growth

and Development Centre

Tel: +31 (0)50 363 3653



Mr Bart Los

Senior researcher

Tel: +31 (0)50 363 7317