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University of Pisa - UNIPI

The UNIPI - Department of Statistics and Mathematics applied to Economics unit is the research group on Methodological Statistics with expertise in the fields of Small Area Statistics, Survey Sampling, Econometrics, Economic Statistics, Social Statistics and Demography. The unit has developed many financed projects since 2000, ranging from the field of Statistics to the field of Social statistics and Demography.


Monica Pratesi is Associate Professor of Statistics at the University of Pisa, Ph.D. in Applied Statistics University of Florence in 1993. Her research fields include small area estimation, inference in elusive populations, non response in telephone and Internet surveys, design effect in fitting statistical models. Since 2009 she is member of the council of the International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS) and coordinator of the Permanent Working group on Survey Sampling methodologies of the Italian Statistical Society. She is currently scientific coordinator of the following research projects on Small Area Statistics funded by the European Commission and by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (PRIN projects Programma di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale): SAMPLE project (Small Area Methods for Poverty and Living Condition Estimates, www.sample-project.eu) financed under the 7th FP (SSH-2007- 6.3 - 217565), duration 36 months from 1.03.2008; PRIN project on “Inference in the presence of imperfect auxiliary information: sampling from elusive populations and estimation for unplanned domains” (Protocol Number 2007RHFBB3_003) duration 24 months from October 2008.



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