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University of Maastricht - UM

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University consists of five departments, including Political Science. In 2010 the faculty had approximately 200 employees and some 1800 students. Over 70% of the masters’ students come from outside The Netherlands.


The Political Science department focuses on a wide range of topics, including social cohesion. In collaboration with Statistics Netherlands, empirical research on social cohesion has been conducted in recent years, resulting in various publications, including books on the impact of religion on social cohesion, developments in social capital in the Netherlands, and recently a paper presented at the OECD-conference on Social Cohesion and Development.


Mr Rik Linssen

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Project Team

Mr Hans Schmeets 

Main scientific contact

Professor Social Statistics

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Ms Lidwien Hollanders

Main administrative contact

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