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Monday, 11 November 2013

Workshop on New National Accounts Architecture

11-12 November 2013

Within the WP3, the organisation of a workshop on New National Accounts Architecture will constitute the deliverable D3.2


The workshop is organised by CFMR and will be held on 11-12 November 2013 in Bucharest, Romania, in the premises of the Romanian Academy.


The event is aimed at discussing a new desirable architecture of the national accounts system and the debate on the theme has been structured as follows:


1. Reports (day 1 – 11 November 2013)

     a) R1 (CFMR): A general vision on a new architecture of national accounts system

     b) R2 (UNIVPM): Towards new alternatives measures to GDP

     c) R3 (UNIPI): The wellbeing and the households perspective in national accounts


2. Working groups (day 2 – 12 November 2013)

     a) WG1: Towards a logical and methodological scheme to answer the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi recommendations

     b) WG2: Measuring the social progress in the national accounts

     c) WG3: On the reliability and practicability of the new architecture of national accounts system.


A poster session has been also scheduled. Proposals for the poster session should be submitted by October 30th, 2013.


Deadline for confirming the attendance is October 20th, 2013. Click here for the Registration Form.


For more information read the event’s flyer below or ask for details writing directly to:  cbaltaretu@yahoo.com


Consult here the draft agenda of the event.


Further below you can find also some presentations given at the workshop.