e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Initial Conference

26-28 June 2012

Within the WP12, the deliverable D12.2 deals with the organisation of the Initial Conference of the project.


The Conference took place on the 26-28 June 2012 in Paris and it was organised by the OECD in collaboration with e-Frame partners and Eurostat.


The Conference focused on recent activities in the field of measuring progress and well-being and aimed to foster European debate on the wide range of issues related to this agenda. It represented the first milestone for the co-ordination activities undertaken as part of e-Frame EUFP7 project, and was a platform for discussing how best to advance the implementation of the recommendations included in the Final Report of the European Statistical System (ESS) Sponsorship Group on Measuring Progress, Well-Being and Sustainable Development, adopted by the ESS Committee in November 2011.


The event stands as the European conference in the preparation of the 4th OECD World Forum, to be held in New Delhi, India on 16-19 October 2012, with the aim to identify concrete deliverables and initiatives that each region could contribute to the agenda of measuring well-being and progress.


The Conference gathered around 270 policy makers, statisticians, academics, and other stakeholders from the European region who have a specific interest in the field with the purpose to deepen on-going reflection on how to measure well-being and the progress of societies, enhance the relevance of measures and analysis for addressing key policy issues, and lead to concrete outputs, such as establishing frameworks for future co-operation.


On the Day3 of the Conference, a Lunchtime Seminar on “Future work of e-Frame project” took place. It was attended by nearly 50 people who demonstrated great interest in the activities envisaged by the project.  During the Seminar the project coordinators, ISTAT and CBS, gave an overview on the topics treated by the project and the progress so far archived. Moreover it was launched the e-Frame European Network on Measuring Progress, foresees by the e-Frame work plan, which will be hosted by www.wikiprogress.org. The initiative was largely appreciated as the Network is going to represent a pillar in the establishment of a European network to foster the debate towards the global frontier of wikiprogress.org on the topics raised by the e-Frame project.


Here below find the Programme and the slides presented at the Conference and other material related to the event.