e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress


The Leading Committee (LC)  is made up of WP leaders plus the Parties in charge of the organisation of the Initial Conference (OECD) and Final Conference (CBS).


 It is chaired by Marina Signore for Istat and by Jan Pieter Smits for CBS. 


The Committee is responsible for the scientific and technical coordination of the Project and ensures that the Project objectives are fulfilled by providing guidelines and directives. 


It will meet formally at least three times during the life cycle of the Project. Additional meetings can be organised if necessary.


The LC members are: 

  • Marina Signore (Istat co-chair)
  • Jan Pieter Smits (CBS co-chair)
  • Donatella Fazio (Istat)
  • Alison Spence (ONS)
  • Claire Plateau (INSEE)
  • Ene Dinga (CFMR)
  • Francesco Bosello (FEEM)
  • Heinz-Herbert Noll (GESIS)
  • Marco Mira D'Ercole (OECD)
  • Nina Mguni (YOUNG)
  • Marcel P. Timmer (RUG)