e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress


The Consortium Management Board (CMB) is chaired by Donatella Fazio for Istat and by Rutger Hoekstra for CBS and consists of all Parties of the Consortium. 


The CMB is the general assembly of the Project which takes decisions on administrative and financial matters which transcend the individual work packages and Parties. It takes decisions on the opportunity of amending the work plan. 


The Board will meet formally at least twice during the life cycle of the Project. 

Additional meetings can be organised if necessary.


The CMB members are:  

  • Donatella Fazio (Istat co-chair)
  • Rutger Hoekstra (CBS co-chair)
  • Marina Signore (Istat)
  • Jan Pieter Smits (CBS)
  • Alison Spence (ONS)
  • Claire Plateau (INSEE)
  • Ene Dinga (CFMR)
  • Francesco Bosello (FEEM)
  • Heinz-Herbert Noll (GESIS)
  • Denielle Schweisguth (OFCE)
  • Marco Mira D'Ercole (OECD)
  • Saamah Abdallah (NEF)
  • Nina Mguni (YOUNG)
  • Achille Lemmi (UNISI)
  • Mauro Gallegati (UNIVPM)
  • Mary O'Mahony (UoB)
  • Marcel P. Timmer (RUG)
  • Marcus Kappler (ZEW)
  • Ralf M√ľnnich (UT)
  • Monica Pratesi (UNIPI)
  • Hans Schmeets (UM)